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SDR Tips & Tricks

The Three C’s to Elevate Your Pitch

one female standing in a conference room giving a presentation to two female and two male employees who are seated at the conference table
The Elevator Pitch, a concept everyone should be familiar with.  For those who are drawing a blank, an Elevator Pitch is essentially taking around 30- 45 seconds to talk about who you are and what you are about. To be clear, an elevator pitch is not going on a big tangent or soliloquy (big middle school word *pats self on back*) about your product or…
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Getting Out of the Quicksand

hand being raised out of quicksand
We’ve all been there – you’re in the groove, phones are hot, follow-ups are coming through, and meetings are being scheduled. It feels like you have everything all figured out, right? But then one bad day turns into a bad week, which turns into a bad month. Before you realize, you’re in a rut – or what I refer to as quicksand. What does that mean?…
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Unblocking Your Cold Calling Potential

Road closed sign
Back in May 2015, I was brand new to sales and experiencing my first week in the business world. I had just transitioned into sales from a food service role at a grocery store that I had held through college and, as you could imagine, things were certainly different. On the second day of training our CEO, Greg, who ran the training at the time,…
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Do Your Homework

open books and sharpened pencils in a jar
As someone with ‘manager’ in my title, I get a good amount of prospecting emails from various software platforms and professional services. Since I’m on training side of the house, I can’t help but critique certain emails I get; I almost always respond with little recommendations and tidbits to help improve their outreach and wish them luck hitting their goals, even if I’m not interested.…
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Thawing out Your Cold Pipeline

Aerial view of one male and two female employees sitting at their computers wearing headsets
Life as a BDR consists of making hundreds of cold calls on a weekly basis. Unfortunately most of those don’t make it to the next step. What most people don’t realize is that even though every call doesn’t convert right away, it doesn’t mean it’s a complete lost cause.  It’s time to change your attitude from a glass half empty to a glass half full…
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Objection Handling 101: Embrace, Inform, & Question

definition of objection a pictured in a dictionary
Objections. Every sales person gets them whether they’re expecting them are not. There are knee jerk reactions that no matter what industry you’re selling into you’ll hear: “I don’t have time” “Send me an email” “I’m not interested” “We don’t have budget” “I don’t take sales calls” “I’m not involved with that” And of course: “We have a solution for that” If you’re following the…
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If It’s Not in Your CRM, It Didn’t Happen

two male employees wearing headsets, seated at their computers facing each other
I’ll never forget the (brief) conversation I had with a prospect: “Are you kidding me?!” the prospect angrily exclaimed, “I told you two months ago we use your competitor. I also told you to call me back six months from now when we’re nearing renewal, but since you clearly don’t listen, take me off your list and do NOT call back” CLICK I was shocked. A…
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When Calling Outbound, Stop Asking for Permission!

man on laptop wearing earbuds
I see this advice frequently from sales trainers, seasoned cold callers, and LinkedIn posters: the first thing you should do when engaging your prospect over the phone, and after you introduce yourself, is to ask "Did I catch you at a bad time?", or, stated in the positive, "Is this a good time to talk?". Most common reason for this approach is that you must establish…
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Um, How to Like, Clean up Your Speech

People sitting around conference table
In my last post, I talked a lot about how your delivery is a huge difference maker when talking to a prospect. As sales people, one of the most important aspects of our delivery is clean speech. Clean speech is free of filler words such as “um”, “ah”, “like”, “you know”, “right”, and a few others. Take a minute to think back through your professional…
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