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The Journey to Success

Building a small sales development team from scratch will cost your organization about $11K per Sales Development Representatives (SDR) per month during the first year.

Most organizations underestimate the true cost of building this function, and overestimate productivity benchmarks and ramp time.

This happens most often due to lack of experience, or outdated ideas of what it takes to be successful today. So, let’s look at the true cost of today’s SDR during the first year…

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The True Cost of SDR

It’s important to remember that these first year costs are what’s required to build a sustainable operation that is outfitted with the proper training, tools and experienced management. From there, costs will only go up as you grow and develop each rep and provide increases to base salary and other compensation.

Take a Closer Look

Whether you choose to build a complete inside sales development operation yourself, or outsource the whole function, there are certain costs that are unavoidable. It is easy to underestimate the total cost of ownership of today’s modern, velocity selling organizations.

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