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We build high-velocity sales operations that get results

The formula: cutting-edge tech, data-driven insights, and a crack team of SDRs who love what they do.

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A start-to-finish inside sales solution, live within 45 days

Most organizations don’t have the bandwidth or expertise to build their own inside sales operation—and they’re missing out on a huge untapped market as a result. That’s where Reveneer comes in. 

Whether you use our fully managed Reveneer One service or bring our process to your premises with Reveneer Flex, we become fully embedded in your organization, delivering a fully integrated solution that generates a quality pipeline, fast. All you have to do is close the sales.

A proven, precisely-engineered process

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Predictive modeling

Our outbound model isn’t for all businesses. Before you make any commitment, we’ll go over the pros and cons and use predictive modeling to show you what success looks like for your unique go-to-market strategy and what kind of results you can expect.

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Rapid go-live

About 45 days from kickoff, your team will start making calls, sending emails, and setting appointments, under the close supervision of our sales development staff, with support from the training and sales ops teams. You’ll see results within a quick week or two, but conversion rates will continue to increase for the first 90 days, in line with the predictive model created for your unique project.

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Team recruitment & management

The kind of sales development rep that thrives today isn’t the competitive, fast-talking “type A” it used to be. We recruit and train young, energetic SDRs who fit a proven profile: disciplined listeners and thinkers with exceptional organizational, research and verbal abilities and an eagerness to collaborate, learn, and up their game.

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Data-driven Insights

Our dedicated in-house Business Insights Team develops real-time performance dashboards monitoring more than 18 KPIs, so you can see what we see and learn what we learn. Using data aggregation, sophisticated analysis, machine learning, and qualitative insights from your prospects, we drive and perfect your go-to-market strategy based on facts, not hunches.

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Proven training & coaching

We immerse our SDRs in the science of how to generate conversations, handle objections, and discover needs via outbound phone, email and social networking. After initial training, we provide individualized one-on-one coaching, on-demand content, and shared calling blocks and group sessions. It’s a persistent, supportive training regimen that gets results.


Constant connection

Whatever the scope of your engagement, you can count on the same level of care and attention from our hands-on team of talent acquisition, training, sales development, sales operations, and business insights experts. We’ll connect weekly at huddles to discuss progress and optimization strategies, and review performance monthly in an executive leadership call.

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Go-to-market strategy

After a deep dive into your company, your products, and your goals, we develop a playbook, integrate a tech stack, and design a unique cadence that defines precisely when and how your dedicated team will do research, outbound cold calling, email sequencing, and social media targeting for your operation.

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360-degree sales strategy

Outbound is just the beginning. We believe in a holistic approach to customer acquisition, and can partner with you to craft and execute strategies for your inbound lead-gen and full cycle sales operations as well.

Why invest in outbound sales?

You’re likely already investing in inbound marketing, like email campaigns, webinars, adwords, and trade shows. Inbound is great for targeting prospects that are already “in-market” and actively searching for a solution.

Outbound is different. Contacting prospects and engaging them in conversation via phone and email at scale requires detailed planning, experience, and discipline. But it pays off, letting you reach not only prospects already primed to buy, but your Total Addressable Market.

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Tap into your
Total Addressable Market

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