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Life as a BDR consists of making hundreds of cold calls on a weekly basis. Unfortunately most of those don’t make it to the next step. What most people don’t realize is that even though every call doesn’t convert right away, it doesn’t mean it’s a complete lost cause. 

It’s time to change your attitude from a glass half empty to a glass half full with the mindset that every single call you make is an opportunity for a win. 

How? With your attitude: Always be closing. Every call made is an opportunity for a win. This is a topic we cover with all of our new hire’s here at Reveneer. 

We always preach never end a discovery call without closing for a next step. Our Chief Reveneer, Greg Casale, even wrote a great blog about it. What about your everyday cold call? 

Having this mindset is critical when cold calling. Hundreds of calls per week, thousands per month can be daunting, practicing closing for a next step, no matter how small, helps our reps have more meaningful calls and get more wins. 

Try something like this when they’re the right prospect but are not ready to commit to the next step:

You: I know I caught you at a bad time, I would like to send you a broad overview of our product that way you can review when you have more time, is that okay? 

Prospect: Yeah sure, send it over.

You: Great, I will send it over and then give you a call back the same time next week to hear your feedback and answer any questions you have.

At this point you can set a task in your CRM for next week, since we all know if it’s not in your CRM, it didn’t happen. The more prospects you do this with after the initial contact, the warmer your cold prospect’s become. These turn into great opportunities to loop back around to especially at the end of the month or quarter when you’re trying to crush your goals. 

As much as we love scheduling meetings, rushing a prospect when the timing isn’t right just to put them into your pipeline can hurt you in the long run. Sometimes you need to take a slower approach for when timing is better.

When you call your warmed up prospects back, use your call notes from last time. You can jump right into a meaningful conversation filled with relevance they’ve already shared with you. 

As you’re kicking off the last quarter of the year, remember to always go for a close. Even on your initial cold calls. Try it out and see how it works for you and your team.