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At Reveneer, we’re fanatical about data and use it to power your go-to-market strategy. For each customer engagement, we carefully instrument our data flow to efficiently capture the insights our dozens and dozens of outbound sales teams are generating on behalf of our customers. Here’s how our data flow works:

If your team currently uses Outreach as your customer engagement tool of choice, Reveneer’s tech stack will have no issue connecting. In order to do so, Reveneer will connect our Zoominfo account to the main Salesforce in use (either yours or ours). This pulls in all exported accounts, contacts, or leads into Salesforce. From here, before your team goes live, Reveneer will work with your Sales Ops team to construct the Reveneer-owned Salesloft to match all rules of engagement relevant to your team. These rules include DNC lists, automation rules, ownership rules, and synchronization timing. Once Reveneer and your team have solidified how the Reveneer-owned Salesloft will interact with the Salesforce instance, the team will work solely out of that Salesforce instance with a few exceptions such as cadence creation which is when they will work out of the Salesloft instead. As the Reveneer team will treat the Salesforce instance as the sole record of truth this allows for your team to connect your Outreach instance to the same Salesforce and pull information in live time. As all tasks, events, and people are all flowing in and out of the same record of truth, by making this connection your team will have up-to-date information on all activities and people.

With Outreach at Reveneer, we will offer all assistance we can regarding the integration. We have helped many of our customers make this integration before and are happy to help you as well. Before we can do that, however, we need to clarify that Reveneer is a Salesforce and Salesloft shop. Our Sales Ops team have both Salesforce Administrator certifications as well as Salesloft certifications. While we continue to add tools to our growing tech stack, we cannot provide any official consulting or advice on how to connect Outreach to Salesforce. If we own Salesforce, your team will have full Systems Administrator access to make those connections, and we will modify Salesforce around your needs. That being said, any connections on the Outreach side Reveneer can give our insight to the best extent we know how but the responsibility of this integration is with your team.

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