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There is no shortage of apps to choose from when it comes to arming your Sales Development Reps with tools. There are over 3,000 apps in the Salesforce AppExchange, and at least half of those are subscription-based tools that claim to make the SDR’s job faster, more efficient, or higher producing.

How Much Should You Spend?

Not surprisingly, there is no one answer. Based on years of observing hundreds of SaaS sales strategies and actual conversion rates, we have created a simple table for helping to home in on what you might consider for optimal spend, based on our own algorithm.

How to use it: Simply find your ACV on the Y-axis and follow along to the right until you get to your average Sales Cycle. The range of spending options is highlighted by color.

The Risk of Too Much

If you can afford it, why not buy more? Well, there are three good reasons:

  • The cost of these tools can far exceed the benefits.
  • The cost can outweigh the benefit for lowerconverting pipeline, or lower value deal size.
  • Too much tech can overburden the SDR withadditional tasks and steps that drag down, notaccelerate, the sales process.

The Risk of Too Little

On the flip side, not spending enough can leave SDRs hamstrung:

  • Unable to complete the necessary sequences ofactivities needed to achieve organizational goals.
  • Lack of attribution to tasks and activities that allowfor detailed tracking of metrics.
  • Stress, anxiety, and high turnover associated withburden put on SDRs.

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