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Three Simple Scatter Plots to Uncover Hidden SDR Performance Breakthroughs

scatter plot on screen

Most SDR performance dashboards have the same KPIs.  Calls, Connects, Conversations, Meetings Scheduled and conversion rates for each over day, week and month. Nothing wrong with them.  We use them too for our outbound SDR teams and they are excellent for spotting ups and downs in trends over time to identify when something has changed.   But to find breakthroughs – really meaningful insights that point…

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When Will You Schedule Your First Meeting?

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Co-Authored by Melanie Tummino & Christian DiRomualdo Fresh out of onboarding and training, jumping on the phones can be a daunting, yet exciting time for a new BDR or SDR. If you’ve done your job well as a sales manager or trainer, you’ll likely see your reps scheduling meetings fresh out of training, right? Well, I hate to break it to you all, but cold…

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