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A complete outsourced inside sales solution, powered by the Reveneer team.

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If you don’t have the space or expertise to manage your own team, we can help

We recruit your dedicated team, develop a custom outbound playbook, integrate a technology stack in your CRM, install real-time dashboards and reporting, and expertly manage the entire operation in our facility to deliver qualified sales opportunities every week. 

Need more? Our teams design and deliver effective technology demos, create proposals, and close business as well.

All of the components for a successful inside sales operation, flawlessly orchestrated

  • A dedicated team carefully recruited, trained, and making calls in about 45 days. 
  • A cutting-edge technology stack provided by Reveneer and integrated with your Salesforce instance. 
  • Expert onsite management to ensure a fast ramp and repeatable results. 
  • Live dashboards that allow you to remotely monitor the performance of your team in real-time. 
  • Weekly huddles to provide detailed analysis of results and strategies for optimizing performance.
  • A dedicated customer success team that works closely with you day to day to ensure we achieve the outcomes we modeled for you.
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Why outsource your inside sales?

The inside sales operations of yesterday were simple compared to today’s complex, tech-enabled operations. Working with Reveneer significantly reduces the time to ramp, while avoiding common pitfalls, thanks to our carefully honed process. And while outsourcing sales doesn’t necessarily cost less than building and managing your own sales operation, it lets you trade fixed costs for variable expenses. 

Common expenditures for a single Sales Development Representative over the course of a year.

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Reveneer One

Delivers a complete inside sales solution, with our employees operating as an embedded extension of your business.

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