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Section 1:
Informing the AI to get the Process Started

The first step in using GenAI to create a new outbound sales strategy is to inform the AI about your business. This includes providing the AI with information about your company, such as its industry, size, location, average deal size, and sales cycle.

You want to provide the AI with a brief, one-line piece of information about your own company, such as products or services, value proposition, and competitive advantages. It is recommended that you use at least 6 – 12 “informs” — short, concise statements about the product or service that are typically used in conversation to describe the offering. The more detailed information you feed the AI, the better the response should be.

It’s also important that you define the exact ideal customer profile (ICP) that you want to target. By informing the AI of the specific industry, size of business, decision maker, and influencer that you are targeting, the output will be much more accurate.

Once the AI has been informed about your business and target market, you can start to create a new outbound sales strategy for either pivoting the current strategy, or targeting a new market opportunity, such as an emerging industry, vertical market, or new geography. GenAI can help refine the strategy, identify the best messaging to use, help build competitive analysis, and prepare your sellers for first meetings and demos.

Section 2:
Identify Target Accounts in a New Market

Expanding into a new market presents both exciting opportunities for growth and unique challenges in identifying key target accounts.

By leveraging AI-powered tools, you can gain valuable insights into new market opportunities, ensuring that your outreach efforts are focused on the most promising targets. Remember to be specific about the industry you are targeting, in my example, we used Financial Services.

Once you’ve narrowed down the market, GenAI enables you to analyze market trends, customer behavior, and competitive landscapes, empowering you to create a more successful outbound strategy.

Disclaimer: GenAI is a powerful tool but will not always be perfect. Always fact-check the answers you receive.

Section 3:
Specify Key Personas and Titles

Once you’ve identified your target accounts and the key personas, it’s time to understand the specific role each plays in evaluating, recommending, and deciding on which solutions to purchase. You can easily break this prompt up into three separate questions, but for best results, be specific and display the information in the format that best suits your needs, i.e., table, bullets, etc.

By leveraging GenAI, you can gain insights into the various stakeholders involved in the decision-making process. By understanding their responsibilities, you can align your messaging and value propositions to resonate with their unique perspectives and needs.

Section 4:
Uncovering the Needs and Pain Experienced by Prospective Customers

In order to create a successful outbound sales strategy, you need to understand the needs and pain experienced by your prospective customers.

Each persona, within the target account, may have distinct priorities, pain points, and criteria for evaluating solutions. By utilizing GenAI to understand their specific pain points and how to address them, you can gain a deeper understanding of their motivations, challenges, and desired outcomes.

Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your sales messaging and value propositions to resonate with each persona, increasing your chances of success.

Section 5:
Defining the Likely Objections and Handling Strategy

In the sales process, objections from prospects are inevitable. To succeed in a new target account, it is essential to anticipate and address objections effectively.

By leveraging GenAI, you can analyze historical data and customer interactions to gain insights into the objections that prospects commonly raise. AI-powered algorithms can identify patterns and trends, enabling you to proactively address potential objections before they even arise.

Furthermore, GenAI can also assist in customizing objection-handling strategies for different personas within the target account. By analyzing persona-specific preferences, pain points, and decision-making criteria, you can tailor your responses to address each individual’s unique concerns. This personalized approach demonstrates your attentiveness to their specific needs and builds trust in your ability to deliver solutions that address their challenges.

Section 6:
Identifying Actual and Perceived Competitors and the Strengths and Weaknesses of Each

In the competitive landscape of a new target account, understanding both actual and perceived competitors and their respective strengths and weaknesses is essential for positioning your offering effectively.

GenAI tools provide valuable insights into the competitive landscape by analyzing market data, industry trends, and customer feedback. By leveraging AI-powered analysis, you can identify the key players and perceived competitors in the target account’s market. This knowledge allows the sales approach to be tailored to highlight unique value propositions and stand out from the competition.

Once the perceived competitors are identified, GenAI can assist in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each.

By analyzing available data and customer sentiments, you can surface insights into the factors that differentiate each competitor. GenAI-generated insights can reveal the competitor’s unique selling propositions, market positioning, customer satisfaction levels, and areas where they excel or fall short.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each competitor allows the offer to be positioned strategically. GenAI insights can help identify competitive advantages that set your solution apart. By highlighting the areas where your offering outshines the competition, and addressing the weaknesses or gaps in their solutions, the compelling value proposition that resonates best can be put forth.

Section 7:
Prepping for the Intro Call

The introductory call with a prospect is a crucial opportunity to make a strong first impression and lay the foundation for a successful business relationship. GenAI provides a wealth of information on the target account and industry landscape, enabling a dive deep into the prospect’s business, key trends, and developments.

Prior to an intro call, let GenAI help research and understand the target account’s industry landscape, recent company announcements, financial performance, and market trends. By analyzing 10K reports, one can gain insights into the company’s financial health, growth strategies, and areas of focus. This information provides a solid foundation to engage in meaningful conversations while demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of their business.

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