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Our proven inside sales process, powered by your team.

Manage your own operation, backed by Reveneer

In about 45 days we can transform an empty room into a complete outbound lead prospecting and sales engine, and make sure it ramps to success. We spec the environment, recommend a technology stack based on your unique requirements, develop your outbound playbook, recruit and train the team on-site, and design a cadence that delivers predictable results.

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Reveneer Flex gives you all the benefits of Reveener, on your premises

  • Recruit highly-qualified sales development representatives, based on our unique profile proven over hundreds of successful hires. 
  • Develop a custom outbound playbook detailing exactly how your team will find the right prospects 
  • Train your team on site with a customized program designed to get results within days. 
  • Integrate your team with our vibrant, virtual SDR community for collaboration, support, camaraderie, and incentives.
  • Integrate a technology stack in your Salesforce instance, based on the best tools proven to work. 
  • Install custom dashboards to monitor real-time performance 
  • Design a cadence that leverages phone and email to maximize conversations. 
  • Support you with anything you need to succeed, from comp plans to technical support. 

Customer success stories

See how leading companies have accelerated their sales with help from Reveneer.

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Reveneer Flex

Working with your team to deliver a complete inside sales solution. We recruit and train your employees and empower them with the tools needed for success.

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