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Where There’s Quantification, There’s Gamification

Two men and two women in business attire running toward a finish line made of red tape
Have you ever noticed that competition evolves naturally where there is quantification? Put up a fundraising goal and show the amount raised by each team, and they will likely compete to be the best.  Do the same for a weight loss goal, or consecutive days without an accident in the factory, or time to complete an obstacle course at the company picnic, and you will likely…
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If It’s Not in Your CRM, It Didn’t Happen

two male employees wearing headsets, seated at their computers facing each other
I’ll never forget the (brief) conversation I had with a prospect: “Are you kidding me?!” the prospect angrily exclaimed, “I told you two months ago we use your competitor. I also told you to call me back six months from now when we’re nearing renewal, but since you clearly don’t listen, take me off your list and do NOT call back” CLICK I was shocked. A…
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