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The Three C’s to Elevate Your Pitch

one female standing in a conference room giving a presentation to two female and two male employees who are seated at the conference table

The Elevator Pitch, a concept everyone should be familiar with.  For those who are drawing a blank, an Elevator Pitch is essentially taking around 30- 45 seconds to talk about who you are and what you are about. To be clear, an elevator pitch is not going on a big tangent or soliloquy (big middle school word *pats self on back*) about your product or…

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Getting Out of the Quicksand

hand being raised out of quicksand

We’ve all been there – you’re in the groove, phones are hot, follow-ups are coming through, and meetings are being scheduled. It feels like you have everything all figured out, right? But then one bad day turns into a bad week, which turns into a bad month. Before you realize, you’re in a rut – or what I refer to as quicksand. What does that mean?…

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Three Simple Scatter Plots to Uncover Hidden SDR Performance Breakthroughs

scatter plot on screen

Most SDR performance dashboards have the same KPIs.  Calls, Connects, Conversations, Meetings Scheduled and conversion rates for each over day, week and month. Nothing wrong with them.  We use them too for our outbound SDR teams and they are excellent for spotting ups and downs in trends over time to identify when something has changed.   But to find breakthroughs – really meaningful insights that point…

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When Will You Schedule Your First Meeting?

female employee sitting at her laptop flexing her arms

Co-Authored by Melanie Tummino & Christian DiRomualdo Fresh out of onboarding and training, jumping on the phones can be a daunting, yet exciting time for a new BDR or SDR. If you’ve done your job well as a sales manager or trainer, you’ll likely see your reps scheduling meetings fresh out of training, right? Well, I hate to break it to you all, but cold…

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The True Cost of an SDR

SDR logo

Building a small sales development team from scratch will cost your organization about $11K per SDR per month during the first year.  Most organizations underestimate the true cost of building this function, and overestimate productivity benchmarks and ramp time.  This happens most often due to lack of experience, or outdated ideas of what it takes to be successful today.   So, let’s look at the true…

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The New Normal

Normal spelled out in blocks

We have heard a lot of talk about what the “new normal” is going to look like when the current pandemic ends. Restaurants and bars out of business, no live concerts, no sporting events with fans, no more movie theaters, businesses shedding office space with most employees working from home, airlines going out of business and airplanes less than half full, retail stores closing, and…

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Unblocking Your Cold Calling Potential

Road closed sign

Back in May 2015, I was brand new to sales and experiencing my first week in the business world. I had just transitioned into sales from a food service role at a grocery store that I had held through college and, as you could imagine, things were certainly different. On the second day of training our CEO, Greg, who ran the training at the time,…

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Why Pausing Your SDR Operation is a Terrible Way to Save Capital

$100 bill with mask on Ben Franklin's face

Most business leaders today, particularly those heading up venture-backed startups or bootstrapped businesses, are looking to preserve capital.  None of us is sure how long this environment will last, and we may need to extend our cash reserves to be able to bridge to a point when we have more clarity. If you spend any time scrolling Linkedin these days, you will likely come across…

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Fighting Fear, Part III – A CFO’s Perspective

We can help with megaphone written in chalk on a chalkboard

In my last two blogs, I talked about the importance of continuing to develop pipeline and to nurture your existing pipeline prospects during this crisis. Well, you probably ignored my advice because your board told you that it was important to conserve cash so that your company can survive. You and your board felt that you could save cash by laying off some of your…

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It’s Time to Start Thinking About Lead Generation as Insight Generation

male employee wearing headset talking while looking at his laptop

The number of leads generated every day, week, month by your sales development team is of course an important measure of the return you are getting for your investment in lead generation. But it’s not the most important measure. Too often I have seen heads of sales, sometimes CEOs, and even boards of directors, come to the conclusion that their lead generation ‘isn’t working’, and…

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