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Fighting Fear, Part III – A CFO’s Perspective

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In my last two blogs, I talked about the importance of continuing to develop pipeline and to nurture your existing pipeline prospects during this crisis. Well, you probably ignored my advice because your board told you that it was important to conserve cash so that your company can survive. You and your board felt that you could save cash by laying off some of your…

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It’s Time to Start Thinking About Lead Generation as Insight Generation

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The number of leads generated every day, week, month by your sales development team is of course an important measure of the return you are getting for your investment in lead generation. But it’s not the most important measure. Too often I have seen heads of sales, sometimes CEOs, and even boards of directors, come to the conclusion that their lead generation ‘isn’t working’, and…

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Secret Ingredient to Positive and Successful Teams

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How do you get 150 SDRs out of the office, into their homes and producing at a high level? People often ask me what’s Reveneer’s secret? Or even more commonly what is Reveneer’s secret ingredient? Collaboration. Collaboration is what drives our reps to overcome the most complex challenges every day and weathering the virus is no different.  With our reps working 100% remote, we had…

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Where There’s Quantification, There’s Gamification

Two men and two women in business attire running toward a finish line made of red tape

Have you ever noticed that competition evolves naturally where there is quantification? Put up a fundraising goal and show the amount raised by each team, and they will likely compete to be the best.  Do the same for a weight loss goal, or consecutive days without an accident in the factory, or time to complete an obstacle course at the company picnic, and you will likely…

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Fighting Fear & Building Pipeline – Part II

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In my last blog, I recommended that companies make sure that they continue to build pipeline during this Coronavirus hiatus, so that they are not caught flat-footed when this finally ends. But building new pipeline is hard work and it may seem to be a futile exercise when potential customers are understandably reluctant to make a purchase. Despite the reluctance, we’ve found our connect and…

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Is This The End of Field Sales in Tech?


“Houston, we have a problem.”   It’s a classic line delivered by Tom Hanks during a tense scene in the 1995 movie Apollo 13.  Astronaut Jim Lovell, played by Hanks, informs mission control that a cabin filter has failed.  The astronauts are breathing dangerous levels of CO2 and will die if nothing is done soon. Ed Harris’s character, in charge of the mission, pulls together the…

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Fighting Fear & Building Pipeline

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Amid all the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic, only one thing is certain—this will end at some point and life and business will continue. Many companies are “sheltering in place” by marking time and putting much of their sales and marketing operations on hold. This is a big mistake. When we finally do come out of this crisis, companies who have stopped…

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Outbound Conversion Rates Before and During COVID-19

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Over the past week, I’ve been asked quite a bit how COVID-19 has affected our ability to execute outbound B2B lead generation strategies on behalf of our customers, given that most of the companies we typically target have moved workers to the home.  We had some anecdotal evidence to suggest that, at least for some personas, the inability to travel might make them more accessible,…

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Do Your Homework

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As someone with ‘manager’ in my title, I get a good amount of prospecting emails from various software platforms and professional services. Since I’m on training side of the house, I can’t help but critique certain emails I get; I almost always respond with little recommendations and tidbits to help improve their outreach and wish them luck hitting their goals, even if I’m not interested….

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Thawing out Your Cold Pipeline

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Life as a BDR consists of making hundreds of cold calls on a weekly basis. Unfortunately most of those don’t make it to the next step. What most people don’t realize is that even though every call doesn’t convert right away, it doesn’t mean it’s a complete lost cause.  It’s time to change your attitude from a glass half empty to a glass half full…

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