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In my last two blogs, I talked about the importance of continuing to develop pipeline and to nurture your existing pipeline prospects during this crisis. Well, you probably ignored my advice because your board told you that it was important to conserve cash so that your company can survive. You and your board felt that you could save cash by laying off some of your sales and marketing personnel, especially those responsible for lead generation. After all, you thought, what sense does it make to be making outbound calls when there’s no one to call? Also, why keep people around to handle inbound requests when there will likely be no such requests.

Now it looks like we are on the verge of resuming business activity sometime in the next several weeks. Now what do you do? It will take you at least two to three months to rebuild your sales and marketing machine. And you can only start when business resumes in earnest and everyone is back to work.

I have an answer for at least part of your dilemma. By the time you recruit, hire, and train a new lead generation team, it will be at least four to five months from today—i.e. late August or early September at best. How about NOT hiring that new team and instead try a highly professional, expertly trained and fully white-labeled team from an outsource provider like Reveneer?  Outsourcing your lead generation function provides added benefits, such as the ability to scale up and down to meet changing business conditions. With Reveneer, your team can be fully trained, live and making calls within as little as 30 days from the time you sign the contract. Sign up this week, and within a matter of weeks, you’ll be generating qualified pipeline and on your way toward reaching your 2020 revenue goals.