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Steve Hill

The New Normal

Normal spelled out in blocks
We have heard a lot of talk about what the “new normal” is going to look like when the current pandemic ends. Restaurants and bars out of business, no live concerts, no sporting events with fans, no more movie theaters, businesses shedding office space with most employees working from home, airlines going out of business and airplanes less than half full, retail stores closing, and…
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Fighting Fear, Part III – A CFO’s Perspective

We can help with megaphone written in chalk on a chalkboard
In my last two blogs, I talked about the importance of continuing to develop pipeline and to nurture your existing pipeline prospects during this crisis. Well, you probably ignored my advice because your board told you that it was important to conserve cash so that your company can survive. You and your board felt that you could save cash by laying off some of your…
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Fighting Fear & Building Pipeline – Part II

chalk drawing of three people lifting an arrow that says crisis
In my last blog, I recommended that companies make sure that they continue to build pipeline during this Coronavirus hiatus, so that they are not caught flat-footed when this finally ends. But building new pipeline is hard work and it may seem to be a futile exercise when potential customers are understandably reluctant to make a purchase. Despite the reluctance, we’ve found our connect and…
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Fighting Fear & Building Pipeline

chalk drawing of three people lifting an arrow
Amid all the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty of the Coronavirus pandemic, only one thing is certain—this will end at some point and life and business will continue. Many companies are “sheltering in place” by marking time and putting much of their sales and marketing operations on hold. This is a big mistake. When we finally do come out of this crisis, companies who have stopped…
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