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Tech Stacks: How much is too much to spend?

There is no shortage of apps to choose from when it comes to arming your Sales Development Reps with tools. There are over 3,000 apps in the Salesforce AppExchange, and at least half of those are subscription-based tools that claim to make the SDR’s job faster, more efficient, or higher producing. How Much Should You Spend? Not surprisingly, there is no one answer. Based on…
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Transforming Your Outbound Strategy With GenAI

Section 1: Informing the AI to get the Process Started The first step in using GenAI to create a new outbound sales strategy is to inform the AI about your business. This includes providing the AI with information about your company, such as its industry, size, location, average deal size, and sales cycle. You want to provide the AI with a brief, one-line piece of…
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