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How do you get 150 SDRs out of the office, into their homes and producing at a high level?

People often ask me what’s Reveneer’s secret? Or even more commonly what is Reveneer’s secret ingredient?


Collaboration is what drives our reps to overcome the most complex challenges every day and weathering the virus is no different. 

With our reps working 100% remote, we had to think outside the box to ensure we support our reps by making collaboration simple and engaging. We’ve implemented new and different virtual sessions like cross team calling blocks, cross team sales tool refreshers, morning kickoff & afternoon debrief and of course everyone’s favorite floor wide SPIFs.

Since March Madness was cancelled, we brought our own March Madness to Reveneer. We created a bracket and divided all our SDRs into random teams of 4. Points are tied directly to weekly activities such as leads created, calls made, meetings scheduled, meetings delivered. Each week the top performing teams advance to the next round. 

Collaboration keeps things fresh & engaging especially in difficult times. Other behaviors I have seen collaboration drive on our floor include: engagement, healthy competition, motivation and continuous learning. Any way you bake the Reveneer cake, collaboration is the main ingredient and the driving force behind our company’s culture.