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The session went well.  You walked your prospect through the demo, using it as a tool for discovery, asking open-ended questions along the way.  Objections were raised.  You handled them perfectly. Together you discovered a need, and your prospect validated that your product could fill that need.  You quickly covered pricing, and qualified for budget.  The prospect said to give them a call next week to review the proposal.  Yes!  You hang up, create a new Opportunity, and move one step closer to achieving your number.

One week goes by, then another, and another.  No word from your prospect.  No pick ups.  No response to voice mail.  Email goes unopened.

What happened?

You left out the one thing that would have avoided this problem…

You must, every time, close for a date and time commitment for the next call before your prospect hangs up. If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist.  You’re holding your breath for something that will likely not happen. Having a committed calendar event doesn’t guarantee that your prospect will engage, but it increases your conversion rate substantially.

Here’s how to do it…

These simple words delivered with confidence at the end of your discovery call or demo will increase your close rate dramatically

“If you’re like me, your calendar fills up very quickly.  How does <Day/Time> work for us to have a quick 15 minute call to review the proposal?”

Your prospect will respond in one of three ways to your offer: they will object, they will accept, or they will modify (change the day or time).

If they object, listen carefully to the objection, as that will tell you exactly where you are in qualifying this opportunity. Most often they will accept or modify, and you are on your way to increasing your conversion rate by as much as 70%.