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Mark Sparaco

Stop Killing Your Convos

By BDR Tips & Tricks

We’ve all heard the objection, “Send me an email!”. Sometimes it’s a legitimate request to learn more about something that piqued their interest, but most of the time prospects use this as a way to get off the phone. You can read our previous post for a few tactics on how to overcome this common objection. However, whether you’re a BDR or a full time…

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People at a farm

Traits of a Successful BDR

By Business, Sales Industry

Over the years at Reveneer, I’ve had a lot of exposure to both the successes and failures of reps making outbound calls. With experience in the role myself, as well as listening to others around the office on the phones, I’ve noticed those who have excelled in this position have two characteristics in common; discipline and persistence. When combined, these two qualities can be very…

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