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Reveneer Welcomes 100th Employee & Announces It’s Now 100% Employee-Owned

Reveneer, a leader in designing, building and managing high-velocity inside sales teams that transform businesses, has announced hitting significant milestones this month: 100th employee, five-year anniversary, and becoming an employee-owned company.

Reveneer, which also celebrated being named an Inc. Magazine Best Workplace of 2018 earlier this summer, welcomed their 100th employee, more than doubling its workforce over the past twelve months. The company still seeks to fill an additional 50 positions before the year-end to support new customer engagements for its sales transformation services. After hitting nine consecutive quarters of record growth, becoming an employee-owned company achieves an objective maintained by its founder and CEO, Greg Casale, since the inception of the company.

“At Reveneer, we’ve cracked the code on how to deliver repeatable, predictable sales engines that transform businesses,” said Casale.  “The reason we’ve been successful doing that for some of the fastest-growing companies in the world, quite simply, is our people.  We invest in our people first to ensure that they stay, grow and develop at Reveneer.  Our ability to attract and retain top talent ensures that our customers get the best return for their investment with us.  That’s why welcoming our 100th employee is such an exciting milestone for us.”

Prior to starting Reveneer, Casale was a sales and business development executive with over 25 years experience in the tech industry.  Like many other sales execs, he struggled with the growing complexity involved in setting up and running inside sales operations that deliver velocity with highly predictable outcomes.  He studied the problem for months, ultimately developing a blueprint for success that targeted eight key areas, then mastered the underlying science to each before building and launching the service for his first customer – one he’s proud to say is still a customer today.

“The amount of complexity involved in designing, building and managing inside sales operations today is enormous and growing.  From recruiting, training, and retention of the workforce, to playbook development, tech stack integration and metrics and reporting, it’s way harder than most companies, large and small, are prepared to take on,” continues Casale.  “And what’s worse, they burn precious time and capital trying to figure it out.  For many companies, it doesn’t make good business sense anymore to try and do it yourself.  At Reveneer, we take away all of that complexity, delivering custom-built, expertly-trained sales teams of any size in about 45 days or less.”

Reveneer is excited to make ownership in the company available to all of its employees as they continue to expand. The company’s record growth has been self-funded, fueled by organic demand for its managed services.  As an employee-owned company, Casale says, it will continue to increase its service offerings in 2019 to support its diverse and growing customer base.