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Reveneer Partners to Deliver DraftSales – a SaaS Platform for ‘Sales Gamification’

Reveneer, the leader in designing, building, and managing high-velocity inside sales operations has announced the availability of DraftSales – a SaaS platform for sales gamification.

Reveneer, which employs over 150 inside sales reps at its Lexington MA-based headquarters, has been leveraging the DraftSales platform to drive friendly competition amongst sales teams, incentivize individual sales performance and increase overall production and energy.

Based on a ‘fantasy sports’-themed interface and complete with integration to Salesforce©, DraftSales allows anyone in the organization to quickly and easily create, launch and track sales contests that last for a day, a week or longer.

“At Reveneer, we’ve found that when we use DraftSales to gamify the daily tasks and activities that our sales reps perform, not only is there an overall increase in production, but the friendly competition adds a fun dynamic to the floor.” says Zach Ingalls, Director of Sales Development. “One team in particular saw a 114% increase in meetings scheduled. When we factor in the total cost of providing DraftSales to one of our reps for a week, it’s less than what we would spend to gift them a free coffee.”

To learn more about DraftSales, and how sales gamification can transform your sales organization, visit or 

About DraftSales

A gamification company built for inside sales teams, DraftSales is a SaaS application that combines the concept of fantasy sports with sales metrics for competition. Sales reps & managers can customize contests, draft teams, and win incentives throughout the work day. For more information visit

About Reveneer

Reveneer takes the complexity out of designing, building, and managing high-velocity insides sales operations to transform the way businesses sell. Reveneer offers complete turnkey on-premise implementations or inside sales as a fully managed service. For news, updates, and unique views on inside sales visit