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2022 Revie Awards

We kicked off 2022 with our 5th annual Revie awards! We celebrated our team members and their hard work throughout the year. 

Congrats to our Revie winners!

Best Energy: Adriano Perez

Best Huddle Presence: Sam Byassee

Work Ethic: Mario Illagan & Kevin O’Connor

Silent Assassin: Juliann Galligani

Best Hunter Day Performance: Chad Simpson

First Team SDR All Rookie (<12 months): Julie Fitzgerald & Aleksandra Nifontova, Patrick McDonaugh, Zak Murray, Adrian Girard

Second Team SDR All Rookie (>12 months): Mike Walsh, Nicole Spiller, James Longley, Jake Shea & Evan Duffy

The Conversationalist: Mike Graziano

Overall Top Performer: Otis Selib

Team Lead Rookie of the Year: Tony Velasquez & Nick Dirienzo

Best Overall Team Lead: Alyssa Hobal & Ben Dussault

Honorable Mention – Whatever It Takes to Win: Dave Fields

Team Performance – Most Consistent: Jama Software

Team Performance – Best Energy: Insight Squared

SDR – Most Consistent: Aleksandra Nifontova & Evan Duffy

SDR – Best Phone Presence: Reda Darouanou

‘Belichick Award’ – Best Overall Coach: Sean Watson

Honorable Mention – Customer Recognition: James Longley

The Commissioner: EJ Pascucci

Honorable Mention – SDR Hot Start: Matt Seelig, Brendan Thorpe, Ethan Karczewski, Eric Oulette, Madeline Aldrich, Nancy O’Hearn, Alex Girardi & Peter Bartlett

Honorable Mention – Impact Player: Russell Goodwin

Honorable Mention – Team Player: Tarek Makhlouf

Honorable Mention – Team First: Jacey Nicklas

Honorable Mention – RevSales: Ryan Peltier

Honorable Mention – The A-Team: Melanie Tummino

Honorable Mention – RevWomen: Tori Perry

Honorable Mention – RevGivesBack: Anna Wright

Honorable Mention – Party Planning Committee: Sarah Flood

People’s Choice Award: Clay McRae

President’s Award: Mario Illagan