CONGRATULATIONS to all of the New Grads – You Did It!  

Graduation is an exciting time and the transition from college to professional life can be tough.  There are many important decisions to make and questions to be answered, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful or challenging time as long as you are prepared.

If you have already landed your first job out of college, Congratulations – if not, don’t panic just yet.  Take a moment to breath and pull your thoughts together.  The job search is a process that, depending on your preparedness, can take more time than you imagined.

Here are 2 great tips to prepare you for a successful job search and land that job!


Your Resume

A solid resume that combines your education, experiences, accomplishments and your “WHY” will get you noticed.  It’s okay to have a generic resume or different resumes that are geared to specific positions.  Just remember to send the right resume or you will get passed by.

There are many formats for a resume.  The best resume is a clean clear and up to date resume that describes you and your abilities to do the job.

  • Summary: in a few short sentences describe why you are a fit for this position.  This should be your Why!
  • Education:  include certifications
  • Awards/Accomplishments:  share your accomplishments, shows you are driven
  • Core Competencies:  skills, technical skills
  • Professional Work Experience:  include internships, volunteer work and put them in chronological order.

Your Why?

You need to be able to clearly express why you are applying to the job.  Hone in on your answers to the following questions:

  • “Why am I applying to this job?”
  • “What do I bring to the table for success in this position?”
  • “What has my past experiences in school, internships, part-time work, and volunteer work done to help me prepare for this job?”

These are just a few of the important questions you need to have clear and concise responses to.  Being able to answer without hesitation will show your level of confidence for the job.

Begin researching the company to better understand who they are, their culture, and their business.  Be ready for that email or call to schedule a phone interview.

More often than not, your first job will not be your dream job, nor may it have anything to do with your college major.  That’s okay!  Experience is how you build your career and work toward your goal.

Everyone has to start somewhere and who knows what that may lead to.  Be open to the possibilities!