Think back to one of the last cold calls you received. You answered the phone from an unknown number, and the person on the other end started to ramble from a script with no personal touch or relevance as to why THEY called YOU. There’s no enthusiasm in their voice and overall, they just sound bored as you picture them sitting in their cubicle dialing number after number.

You probably weren’t inclined to have a conversation with them and got off the phone pretty fast, right?

They’re playing the numbers game – quantity over quality. It’s only a matter of time before someone engages in a conversation and they close for their desired call-to-action. While this approach works to some degree, there is a better way.

In order to increase the number of conversations you’re having on the day-to-day, you need to be able to bring more energy to your calls. How you ask? Try this:


Having a conversation should be your first priority when calling a prospect. Listen to them, engage with them, and try to uncover a need. Stop focusing on the end result and just work on connecting with them. This will lead to a more relaxed approach to your calls and help your prospect feel more comfortable.

Skip the Script

No matter how hard you try, the person on the other end of the phone can tell when you’re reading from a script. Create a playbook to set a framework to prepare you for your calls while still allowing you to speak naturally. You can read more about playbooks here.

Get up and Walk Around

Whenever I get a personal phone call, I always find myself pacing around the room, hands gesturing as if that person is right in front of me. As a BDR, we spend most of the day on the phone, so why stay glued to your desk chair? Walking around provides a sense of energy to your phone calls that is ultimately more appealing. I’m not talking about the forceful energy of a Billy Mays infomercial, simply avoiding the depressing, slow paced energy of another slouched over BDR who has been sitting at their desk for the last seven hours.

Next time you’re calling your prospects, remember these simple steps and see not only your conversations skyrocket, but the quality improves.