Springtime has always been one of my favorite seasons. Sunshine, warm weather, and more daylight lets everyone know that the punishment of winter has finally passed and we’re in the clear for at least another six months. Spring is a great time for many activities including hiking, fishing, and… cleaning up your leads?

Yup, you guessed it: spring cleaning is upon us! This gives every salesperson an opportunity to go through their CRM and tidy things up.

Clean out the clutter

Have you ever gone back through some old leads in your CRM and thought, Wow, this lead is garbage. How did I ever put this in here?! If you have found yourself saying something like this then you’re going to want to clean up the clutter. Getting rid of all the unnecessary leads and contacts can help you focus on the more important (and qualified) people you should be contacting, rather than wasting your time and CRM space on leads you’re never going to call. Instead of deleting them altogether, work with your leadership to figure out which leads are disqualified or need to be re-assigned elsewhere in the organization.

Update important leads with bad info

Spring is also a great time to go through your sourcing databases to see if the contact information for your leads have been updated. Remember that bad phone number you’ve been meaning to change for the last three months? Now is the time! Do you have a lead who’s contact information was never updated? Now is the time! Your prospects also can change roles or move to different companies so this is a great opportunity to update your leads with more relevant information.

Filter leads that haven’t been touched in the last 90 days

This is a great habit to get into for the entire year, but if you haven’t done it already, now is a great time to start. Focusing on the leads you haven’t touched in the last 90 days can be a real eye opener to the opportunities you may be overlooking in your day to day. There are great prospects that are untouched in your CRM and can present great use cases and opportunities for you and your company.

These three steps will allow you to organize your CRM and make you more effective as a seller through utilizing up to date information and targeting the correct people. I recommend doing this once a month so it doesn’t pile up and take a longer period of time to accomplish. If you haven’t done this in a while (or ever) spring is a great excuse to clean everything out.