In today’s sales world, tools like SalesLoft & Outreach offer the ability for sales reps to use customized cadence’s and automate workflows. These tools play an obvious and crucial role in the productivity of a BDR, allowing reps to efficiently make numerous prospecting calls on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. While this enables you to reach more prospects, a high volume of dials can make it easy to become disorganized as you try to build out your pipeline. In order to not get overwhelmed, it’s important to always set follow up tasks outside of those automated steps. 

As we’ve discussed on multiple blogs, when you’re cold calling, there’s something to take away from every person you’ve connected with. The best way to attempt to consistently hit your goals is to set follow up tasks after each connection. 

Even if the conversation is less than two minutes and the prospect has requested you call back at a different time, it is still critical to take great notes on that interaction. Pace, background noise, current projects, meetings they are running to; are just a few of the things I like to jot down on these quick calls. Any bit of relevance that you can use on your follow up will only help extend that next conversation. 

Next step is logging the task in your CRM, because if it’s not in your CRM, it didn’t happen. If you just spoke briefly and sent them over a white paper or a video on your product, set a reminder to call them back later that week or the next so the conversation is still relevant to them. At Reveneer, this helps our reps mix in warmer calls throughout their day.

I call this a sales rep’s cold/warm pipeline. The most successful sales people at Reveneer are continually adding and working their cold/warm pipeline or ‘tasks’. This gives you more chances to prove your value prop and how it will directly help the prospect you are targeting. The more times you touch base with a prospect using relevance gained in each of those touch points, the faster you can get more qualified meetings into your pipeline.