Spend enough time on any sales floor, particularly those making outbound calls as we do at Reveneer, and you will likely hear the refrain “No one’s picking up today!”  Sometimes, added to this are further insights, such as…

“No one’s picking up today because it’s Friday!”

“No one’s picking up today because it’s Monday!”

“No one’s picking up today because it’s summer!”

We train new reps to understand that they can control a lot of things that drive success, getting someone to pick up the phone is not one of them.  So why stress over things you can’t control?  Establish a cadence that defines when you call, how much, and at what intervals.  Then implement your cadence every day, regardless of day, week or month.

But what does the data say?  Is one day or another more likely to deliver conversations?

I saw an interesting blog post recently from ConnectandSell, the makers of a proven productivity tool that allows inside sales reps to have more conversations.  The data broke down conversations by day for a particular week that would be considered perhaps a worst-case scenario – the week preceding the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here is what they reported for dials and conversations by day of the week…

In this data, the percent of dials that resulted in a conversation ranged from 3.6% to 4.3% measured for each of the 5 days.  So, there is roughly about 0.3%-0.4% variability for any day of the week when compared to any other.

While this sample size is small, it brings home the point that most perceptions about whether people are picking up the phone, particularly when it comes to day of the week, are founded more in emotion and perception than they are in real data.

ConnectandSell has more interesting analysis on their Blog page

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