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Here you have a brand new BDR team, fresh out of training week. You’ve successfully set the foundation of their sales career. In order to keep the momentum going, it’s time to transition into launch week. What exactly is launch week? Launch week is… wait for it… blast off time (see what I did there?). It’s the first week after training and the time your new team takes those first big steps into going about their day to day. 

Getting off to a strong start the first week out of training is paramount when talking about the short and long-term success of the team. Since I’ve joined the Training and Development team, I’ve been able to see first-hand how you can enable your team and help prevent them from developing bad habits during launch week. It comes down to instilling these three common, but core concepts that can help propel (did it again) the team to its goals:


Promoting confidence in your team early is the perfect way to get off on the right foot at project launch. You can do that by:

  1. Role Play – Continuing role play throughout launch week enables the team to firm up messaging and promote consistency. If your messaging is consistent and continuously practiced, your team should exude confidence when having those first conversations with prospects.
  2. Cadence/Schedule – Planning out your day accordingly to optimize the time spent sourcing and calling is a great way to become confident in your processes. Scheduling your day can increase the chances of prospects picking up their phones by calling at certain times. This in turn gets the BDR “at-bats” to work their new craft. 
  3. Encouragement – Constantly encouraging your team through launch week is critical. Throwing out kind and empowering words are key to keeping morale up as the project moves forward. Try even challenging your team to exceed expectations by the end of launch week if you feel there is room to push the envelope. Showing confidence in the team should in turn foster confidence within them.


Constant communication throughout Launch Week is integral towards promoting a workplace where BDRs can express new ideas, ask questions, and develop relationships with the individuals they work with. Here are some ways to further communication:

  1. Daily Syncs – Including daily syncs between the BDR’s and team leadership is a good way to check on progress as well as cover any questions or concerns that pop up. I usually find that having a quick sync before lunch and then one at the end of each day during launch week works best.
  2. Post Call Conversations – Talking about conversations that took place during a calling block can help train on the fly. By covering what happened during the call you can provide solid insight into what the BDR is doing well and what they can do better for the next one. Also, you can have solid back and forth about what they felt did and didn’t work on the call in regards to messaging. This promotes self-reflection, which is much needed in this line of work.
  3. BDR to BDR Conversations – Launch week is an important time for your BDR team to start developing solid working relationships with each other. If there is constructive communication within the team, new strategies and ideas will come from that to help optimize the operation.  


When I thought about ways to show patience I could really only boil it down to one point and that is, BE PATIENT! When it comes to launch week in particular, patience is key. Why? Because building a solid and consistent sales team takes time. A lack of patience can create tremendous pressure and in turn be detrimental to the development of your team. Collectively understanding that the ramping process is a journey where you are building up your team week by week will get you the consistent success we all desire.

Launch week is a vital time for you and your team to get off on the right foot. If you instill confidence, communicate constantly, and show patience, you will have a rewarding week and in turn create the beginnings of a successful and productive work environment.