Three Simple Steps to Avoid This Problem

I was in a weekly huddle this week, and heard from one of our BDRs that he was trying to get a prospect back on the phone with no luck. He explained that after a successful demo, the prospect requested pricing. The sales rep on our client team agreed to send it after the call, and follow up later. After many calls and emails with no response, the rep asked our BDR for help getting them back.

This is a common problem that can be avoided, and the solution is simple.  At Reveneer, many of our teams do full cycle sales, from call to close. All of them are trained to take these simple steps when a prospect asks for pricing to prevent from being ghosted:

Embrace the request. 

“Absolutely I can do that.  I’d be happy to send that over after this call.”

Close for the follow up.  

“From doing this in the past, I know that you will likely have questions about how our pricing works after reviewing the materials. Let’s schedule 5 or 10 minutes to make sure all of your questions get answered.  How is <day/time>?”

Tell them what will happen next and end the call.  

“Great.  I’m going to send you over a calendar invite.  Please click accept on that so I know it’s on your calendar and mine.  I look forward to answering any questions you have then.”

Before sending pricing or a proposal, not after, you must close for the next call.  That is the moment in which you have leverage.  When the prospect expresses a need, like the need for pricing, resist the urge to immediately satisfy that need.  Instead, use it as momentum to carry you into the next call.

Use these simple steps, and avoid having to say “they went dark” in your next pipeline review.