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When It Comes to Company Culture, This One Word Might Say It All

By Sales Industry

This was an exciting week at Reveneer. We were recognized by Inc. Magazine as a best workplace for 2018! This recognition got me thinking about employee engagement and company culture. It’s extremely difficult to get everything working the right way, where you can attract the right people, provide an environment where they stay, grow and develop, all while providing the right mix of challenging work,…

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Traits of a Successful BDR

By Business, Sales Industry

Over the years at Reveneer, I’ve had a lot of exposure to both the successes and failures of reps making outbound calls. With experience in the role myself, as well as listening to others around the office on the phones, I’ve noticed those who have excelled in this position have two characteristics in common; discipline and persistence. When combined, these two qualities can be very…

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