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Is Hiring New Grads a Catch-22?

By HR & Recruiting

Fresh out of school, new grads appear to have an abundance of entry-level opportunities when entering the working world. However, too often they don’t get hired due to a perceived lack of job experience, or other personal biases on the part of the interviewers that have little do with the job requirements. If you look in the dictionary, an entry-level job is defined as: relating…

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Dial in Your Sales Efficiency

By Tech Stack

How One Team Saw a 400% Increase in Production After Adding This Tool   Most of us gave up manually dialing phone numbers about a decade ago when we all adopted smartphones. Whether you realize it or not, using a smartphone to call your address book contacts is using ‘click-to-call’ automation. This saves time, reduces wrong number dial attempts, and records metadata for every call…

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Say This and Increase Your Close Rate by as Much as 70%

By Business

The session went well.  You walked your prospect through the demo, using it as a tool for discovery, asking open-ended questions along the way.  Objections were raised.  You handled them perfectly. Together you discovered a need, and your prospect validated that your product could fill that need.  You quickly covered pricing, and qualified for budget.  The prospect said to give them a call next week…

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The Most Important Sales Metric No One’s Talking About

By Business

When it comes to sales, or more specifically, inside sales, there’s no shortage of things to measure.  Leads, calls, conversations, conversation rate, demos scheduled, opportunities created, and so on. What if none of that mattered if you didn’t nail this one metric?  What if you could do everything right, and still fail if this one, easy to calculate number, is out of whack? Well, that’s…

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Chronicles of the BDR Overlord, Volume I

By Business

Like many people fresh out of college, I was excited for my future but also a bit unsure as to what my next steps should be. I had finally completed my four-year degree, a degree that I deliberately selected because of the various paths I could take following graduation. However, now that the moment of truth had arrived for me, the question still loomed, “What…

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Traits of a Successful BDR

By Business, Sales Industry

Over the years at Reveneer, I’ve had a lot of exposure to both the successes and failures of reps making outbound calls. With experience in the role myself, as well as listening to others around the office on the phones, I’ve noticed those who have excelled in this position have two characteristics in common; discipline and persistence. When combined, these two qualities can be very…

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Cyber Security Firm Focused on Industrial Sectors

By Case Studies

Reveneer Managed Services Partnering for Fast and Effective Sales Impact This Reveneer customer helps to keep our electricity on, our homes warm, our water running, and our trains, trucks, and planes moving. With its cyber security solutions, it protects the industrial systems that bring us the products and services we depend on every day. Designed specifically for industrial control systems and networks, the company’s solutions…

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What does it mean to sell?

By Business

Over the past several years, I’ve trained hundreds of entry level BDRs who have come through our Reveneer training program how to sell.  For the most part, these are new college grads with little or no sales experience.  I like to start our training by asking the question “What does it mean to sell?”.  The answers are predictable; they often describe selling as being persuasive or convincing, or I…

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