Sales reps make numerous calls per day and hundreds more throughout the month. Even seasoned BDRs can find themselves struggling to overcome objections and stumbling over their words.Take a step back, and ask yourself if you’re truly ready.  Did you take a few minutes to mentally prep before calling? If not, that might be your answer.

Try these four tips before you start dialing:

1.    Mindset

You’re about to start a calling block, but are you in the right mindset? You know yourself best.  Do you need to be calm and relaxed or upbeat and energetic? Either way, try getting away from your desk. Stand up, and walk around for a minute, and get in the zone.

2.    Research

We research every lead before we call them. With the leg work completed, you should consider a quick final search on the prospect. Use LinkedIn to verify their current info prior to the call, and avoid a potential blunder on the phone. 

3.    Strategize

Now that you’re in a good mindset and have completed the necessary research, it’s time to strategize. Mentally prepare for how the call may go. Identify common objections and talk tracks from similar titles or industries. Write down a few talking points just in case you need them for reference.

4.    Call

Now you are ready to take the dial of faith and make the call. Success or failure, it’s important to reflect on the conversation (or lack thereof). Determine what worked or what didn’t work and take note. I recommend talking to your team or a colleague to further discuss the call, what your prospect said, and strategize for the future.

Give these tips a try and hopefully you will find yourself having more meaningful conversations.